Surat Diamond
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Color denotes the diamonds whiteness or lack of colour. The more colourless the diamonds hue, the highest its colour grading will be. The colour scale ranges from D to Z, with D being the highest colour grade and Z the lowest

  • D 100% Colorless. The highest color grade a diamond can receive. D graded diamonds are extremely rare and very highly priced.
  • E,F Colorless. Exceptionally transparent. Extremely difficult to detect the traces of color in an E or F graded diamond. These diamonds are rare and highly priced.
  • G,H  Nearly Colorless. Unless these diamonds are compared next to a master stone of higher color grade, color is nearly indiscernible. Appear completely colorless when face up. These diamonds are still rare, but slightly less expensive and are considered a good value.
  • I,J Nearly Colorless. Color in these diamonds is slightly detectable. The slight amount of color is imperceptible by the unaided eye once the diamond has been mounted. Superior value.
  • K-M Faint Yellow. Noticeable color, although some diamonds in this range can still be fiery and beautiful.
  • N-Z Very Light or Light Yellow. Noticeable color. These diamonds are not fit to be sold as gemstones.