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Diamond Education Guide   GIA-Journey of Diamonds
Diamond Education

Surat Diamond invites you to learn more about diamonds. We share with you our knowledge obtained over years of training in diamonds. We beleive that educating our customers is an important part of our mission. We therefore invite you to explore our diamond experts compilation of the 5 Cs of Diamond. Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and C=Confidence in your Jeweler.

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Shape refers to the basic form of the diamond, like oval, round, pear or heart shaped, for

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Cut is a diamond's most important characteristic. It has the greatest overall influence on a diamo

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When jewelers speak of a diamond's color, they are usually referring to the presence or absence of

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The clarity of a diamond refers to how clear, or "clean" the diamond is. Diamonds have i

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The unit of measurement of a diamond is called carat weight or carat in short. 1 carat (

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Wondering what on earth is the diamond's Pavillion, Table, Culet. The graphic and supporting text below explai

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Read a Diamond Grading Certificate

A diamond grading certificate is a report given by an independent and professional gemological laboratory. The diamond is evaluated for its quality, not its value. Every diamond is unique, to search diamonds that are identical is impossible. The certificate will map out all the diamond’s recognizable and individual characteristics. Each certificate will include the diamond’s color, clarity, carat weight and cut information (see the 4 C’s). The grading report also includes a hand-drawn map of the diamond’s inclusions. Since no two diamonds are exactly alike you can always check that the certificate matches the diamond.

A certificate is not the same thing as an appraisal. A certificate describes the quality of a diamond, but it does not place a monetary value on the gem. An appraisal places a monetary value on your diamond, but does not certify the quality of the diamond.

Who Issues Certificates? There are many diamond labs that issue certificates, but the

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)                     and                      International Gemological Institute (IGI)

are the two most widely regarded and recognized diamond grading labs in the world.

See a Sample of a GIA certificate

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