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Solitaire Diamonds to Suit Your Budget!,

Surat Diamond has newly launched its Exclusive Certified Solitaire Diamond Ring Section.  Choosing a solitaire has never been easier. With a huge collection of more than 80,000 Certified Solitaires of different shapes and 30 different setting designs to choose from, you are sure to find a solitaire of your choice at the price you wish to pay.

Follow the easy Three Step Process of ‘Choosing Your Solitaire’, ‘Select the Right Setting’ and then combine them to ‘Complete Your Ring’. What more? all done, without stepping out, in the comfort of your houses. All you need is a credit card to pay and your Solitaire Ring will be delivered to your door step well packed.

As you start you will see that the process is very simple, user friendly.

It is preferred to choose your diamond first and then your setting, since the biggest component of your ring cost is the diamond. However this is not a hard and fast rule. Some may prefer to find a setting that may suit a long finger or short finger and then pick a diamond that will suit the setting.  We have offered to arrive at your ring in either of the ways you prefer. So you may start by selecting your Diamond or selecting your Setting.

1. Choose Your Diamond:

This page will show you the various options of Price, Shape, Colour, Clarity, Cut that you can choose from. In addition to it you have an advanced search feature with polish, depth, symmetry variations. Not to be overwhelmed by these terms.  Our Diamond Education Center has very simple and concise information on these terms for anybody to understand.  We know you would like to be clear and sure when you are making a choice for your loved one or even for yourself.

By clicking on the Shapes you will be choosing to see the listings in that particular shape. You may

Choose more than one shape at a time and browse just by clicking on them. By sliding each bar, you may narrow your choice. You may also choose to search using the price or carat option, by entering the price range in the boxes given below the respective sliders.

Each title on the listing chart is clickable to reset the order in ascending or descending order. Eg, If you wish to see the lowest priced Round Diamond.

If are unsure of the two or three or four choices that you may be interested in, you can always choose the Compare option offered below, that will show up all the details of the diamonds u choose to compare, by ticking the radio button under compare in a single frame and make it easier for you to choose.

Click on the Reset button to remove any selections done and start afresh.

Each listing of diamond has a pop up giving you the details. If you further wish to see the pictures and advanced specifications along with the certificate, click on View Details.

2. Diamond Details:

This page will give you all that you need to know about the diamond including the Diamond C5ertificate image that will come along with the diamond. Most of the diamonds are certified by GIA or IGI.

At this stage, you may just choose to buy only the diamond, without the setting and complete your order.  Or you may choose to add your diamond to a setting, by clicking on ‘Add to Ring’. You may also want to just ‘Save’ the selected diamond in Your Account, to complete the checkout on a later date. Or just want to ‘Go Back’ to search for some other diamond. Once you ‘Add to Ring’ you will be shown all the solitaire diamond setting option.

3. Select Your Setting:

We have more than 35 setting options for Solitaires, both Rounds or Squares like Princess, Radiant etc.

Certain settings are in Two Tone Gold, that is white as well as yellow shades of gold in a single setting or plain vanilla yellow or white gold settings too.  If you are the trendy type, then two tone gold is for your. If you prefer the tradition Indian style, then it’s the yellow gold setting. White gold setting is very popular in the western countries.  All the settings except two tone gold is available in either white 14K gold or Yellow 18k Gold.  Choose to click on the radio button to view the setting offered only in 14K gold and 18K gold. Two tone gold rings are covered in 18K gold as they are essentially set in 18K Gold, with only variations in gold colour, due to rhodium plating.

We also have a range of choice for Men either for engagement rings or wedding bands, set with solitaires.

By clicking on the image you will move to a page that will give you all the specifics of the setting.

4. Ring Details:

This page gives you the option of selecting the setting by clicking on ‘Select This Setting’ or you may ‘Save’ it in your account, for a later date.

If you may also ‘Email’ the selection, or ‘Share’ it in your Facebook wall, print it for reference or just ’Add it to Your Wish List’

If you are not sure of your selection you may always Go Back and start again.

In case of any clarification required, assistance needed in selection or in doubt, feel free to contact us either through email or telephone. Our experts will rightly advice you on your selection, based on your requirement.

Once you Select the Ring, all that’s remaining to do is selection of your ring size and complete the order.

5. Complete Your Ring:

If you are not sure of the ring size, not to worry. Our ring size guide is user friendly and you may measure your finger and ascertain the ring size. Or if you already have a ring that fits you well, you can just place the ring on our guide and ascertain the size number, based on the chart we have provided in our ‘Ring Size Guide’

If in two minds about your choice of solitaire and setting, you still have the choice to change it at this stage. Though we feel, you will pretty much be sure of it by now.

If sure, then, choose the size from the drop down option and click on ‘Buy This Ring Now’

Your order is now registered and you may choose to pay by selecting the mode of payment.

We typically take about 10 working days to process your order after payment to ship. It will be shipped by insured courier, well packed for a safe transit and Gift Wrapped for that special delivery.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge to use the site, all you now need to do is start clicking and get that long cherished Solitaire Diamond Ring at the best price, money can buy, delivered at your door step at the earliest.

Happy Shopping!!