Why Shop Here

Why Shop Here
Thank you for choosing to drop into our site. With this unique collaborative site, where you are in control of shopping, we believe we are reiterating our mission statement “Making fine jewellery affordable to masses world over by use of technology”. Unlike the usual ecommerce site, here we offer you a platform to participate in the buying process. You have the power to choose and create your own design with the help of requisite tools offered. Therefore, you are in control of shopping and satisfaction.
  • Vast Collection: We have 75,000 certified diamonds and 30 plus setting designs, we are sure you will find that perfect ring of your choice.
  • Best Price: Pursuing our mission statement, ours is one of the most competitive pricing you will find in the e market.
  • Certification: All our diamonds are certified, mostly by GIA or IGI, the two most respected and trusted diamond grading bodies in the world.
  • Availability: If you wish to buy a great diamond with a small carat weight, you will find it here. In a traditional jewelry store this is virtually impossible.
  • Easy Navigation: You will not lose your way through this simple and easy site for sure. Please do experience it to believe it!
  • Diamond Education: Unlike a traditional brick and mortar store, every step in the navigation here has relevant and extensive educative information on the various elements of a diamond that you can read and proceed to make a decision.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: Since we strongly believe that a knowledge based purchase is always the most satisfying purchase, we have compiled a document with all the information that you will require to make a studied decision.
  • Customer Service: For any assistance that you may require we are just a phone call away. We will have our experts answer all your questions before you make a once in a life time decision.
  • Immense Experience: Three generations rich experience in the retail diamond business has helped us retain the lead in the e commerce business too, in which we were the pioneers when we started way back in 1998.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: The very launch of this site was to overcome the limitations of the brick and mortar store. Here you can add your diamond to a wish list and choose to purchase at a later date. With the email a friend option, consultations with family and friends for their opinion on your choice is much easier, without having to take them along to the store.
  • A surprise element: Especially when your purchase is a gift, nothing can match the excitement and surprise of a well packed gift box carrying the gemstone being delivered to your loved ones address: a service that you cannot expect from a traditional store. All this without any additional charges.
The ease of shopping for high end jewelry like a ‘Solitaire Diamond Ring, at guaranteed low prices, right at the comfort of your homes, is taking shopping experience to a different level. Do experience our site and partake in the pleasure of next generation shopping experience!